The key to organising a stress free Hen Party

The key to organising a stress free Hen Party

Organising a hen party is stressful. Almost more so than the actual wedding...It’s kind of like herding cats and then asking them all for money. Near impossible right?

Here is a few tips to help make your party planning a breeze:


  1. Get a brief from the bride-to-be
    Make sure the bride-to-be has given you all the info. you need including a date, who she wants at the party, and the dos and don’ts. Get this info at the very start and don’t look back.
  2. Set a budget & stick to it
    Organise a rough budget and try and stick to it. Most people pull out of a Hen party because they can’t afford it or don’t want to pay all that extra money on top of all the other wedding expenses to come.
  3. Commit
    Get the money up front before you start planning. This creates commitment and will save you a lot of headaches as you get closer to the party so people don’t pull out.
  4. Keep It Simple
    Don’t try and do too many things. Just choose a few and do them really well.
  5. Delegate
    If the bride-to-be to be has other Bridesmaids, split the tasks so each person is in charge of something specific so you don’t have to do everything.



  1. Engage too many people
    Don’t engage too many people and get everyone’s will be there forever trying to please everyone. The more people you try and please, the more stressful it will be.
  2. Less is more
    Don’t give away too many details to guests. The less they know, the better. It means less complaining, less changes and less stress. Plus a surprise is always a bit of fun.
  3. Get confirmation and $$ early
    Don’t confirm numbers for bookings until you have payment from confirmed guests. 1 in 5 bookings downsize their package because their guests pull out. In saying that, don’t leave it too late, as summer is extremely busy and venues and service providers will book out.
  4. You can’t win ‘em all
    Don’t try and please everyone. This is the Hen’s party - so everything you do is for your BFF. Guests need to remember that and play ball when it comes to joining in the fun.
  5. Drink responsibly
    Don’t let the Bride-to-be get too wasted. She won’t remember the night and she will more than likely do something she will regret the next day. We have seen so many hens hugging toilet bowls and crying early in the night before they are put to bed and miss the rest of the night. Don’t let your hen be that person.


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