Hen Party Games

Hen Party Games

Hen Party Photo Challenge Game

Most girls won't leave home without their smartphone so you can be sure all the girls will be properly tooled up for this great game. Simply split all the hens into even teams. Once all the girls are teamed up, give each team an envelope with their list of hen party photo challenges in, each team must complete as many challenges as possible in an hour. If you're really creative you can even throw in a couple of video challenges as well.

Hen party photo challenges

  • Pretty Boy - Find a guy who'll let you give him a makeover.
  • Poser - The team must pose provocatively in front of a hot car.
  • Movie Magic (video challenge) – Film a scene from a classic movie (judge must guess the movie to get a point).
  • Spice Boys Challenge - Get a photo with 5 different guys, one sporty, one posh, one baby and one ginger.
  • An Officer & a Gentleman - Get a photo of you with a man in uniform.
  • Word! – A photo of the team using their bodies to spell out a word.
  • Serenade (video challenge) - Serenading a stranger.
  • Huggies – A photo of one of you hugging a doorman.
  • Mad Hatter - Wearing someone else's hat.
  • Chest in Case - With a man's bare chest.
  • Guns - Of the most muscular arms you can find.
  • Cheerleader (video challenge) – Performing a cheerleader routine dedicated to the groom.
  • Lookalike – Get a photo with someone who looks like someone famous.
  • Hottie! – Get a photo with the hottest guy of the night.
  • Smooth Operator – Kissing a bald guy’s head.

Scoring – 1 point for each completed hen party photo challenge, bonus point for the best photo of each challenge.


Confessions of a Hen Party

You’ll need...

  • A small piece of paper for each hen
  • 3 pens
  • A box of chocs
  • A hat or small bag
  • A party of hens with dubious pasts or interesting secrets!

How to play...

Each hen must write down a secret or true fact about herself that no one in the group knows. The pieces of paper are placed in a small bag or hat.

The hens then take it in turns to pull a piece of paper out of the bag and read it out loud, they must then try and guess whose confession they're holding.

If they guess correctly they get a chocolate. If they guess wrong then they must pay a forfeit or take a drink.


The Frocky Horror Picture Show

You'll need...

    • Bad photos

How to play...

This isn't so much a hen night game, merely a chance for all the group to have a real laugh and a walk down memory lane with the bride-to-be.

Prior to the weekend, ask all the hens to bring along the worst photo they can find of themselves with the guest of honour. The older and more badly dressed the better.

If everyone comes up trumps you'll uncover some real beauties, the bride in school uniform, at birthday parties, dodgy college or uni fashion phases, etc. Each photo will remind her of treasured times and have everyone laughing at some possibly terrible hairstyles!


His Last Words

You'll need...

  • Paper and pens for the teams
  • A quiet word with the groom

How to play...

Before the hen weekend you'll need to speak to the groom and ask him to finish a number of sentences. For example;

  • When I get home from work the first thing I like [bride's name] to do is...
  • In the morning the first thing I do when I get in the shower is...
  • [Bride's] best feature is...
  • [Bride's] worst habit is...
  • Although she doesn't know it, when [bride] isn't at home I like to...

Split the hen party into teams and give each team pen and paper. Then read the first part of each sentence, the teams must then fill in the groom's last words (of course if he reveals too much, once the bride-to-be get home they could be his last words!). Award points in a Stephen Fry/QI way that effectively makes no sense. Everyone will be laughing too much over each other's answers to worry about the scoring anyway.


Hen Scavenger Hunt

You'll need...

  • A list of scavenger items
  • Bags for the teams
  • Digital cameras or smart phones

How to play...

Split the party into teams. Each team is then given a list of items, a bag to put them in plus a time and location to meet up (to be super-organised have the time and location printed on the list, kudos for getting them laminated).

The teams then just need to go off and collect as many items and photo challenges from their list as then can, in the time allowed. You can award bonus marks for the best pictures and items.

Photo challenges should be texted through to the adjudicator who can upload them on to the group's Facebook page as you go.

Possible items/challenges...

  • A condom
  • An item of underwear
  • A picture of the Queen (if they're smart they'll use a stamp or coin)
  • A picture of the team behind bars
  • The largest leaf
  • A gentleman's business card (or a hunky guy's phone number, photo please!)
  • A picture of the team with a man in uniform
  • Something tasty
  • A picture of the team with the best looking fella
  • A joke
  • A picture of the team all in a phone box
  • A video of the team re-enacting a famous movie scene
  • A foreign coin
  • A picture of the team knee deep in water
  • A bribe for the judge
  • Something that reminds them of the bride-to-be
  • A picture of the team pulling their best duckfaces!


The Great Biscuit Bite Off

You'll need...

  • 3 biscuits for each contestant
  • 1 judge
  • 0 soggy bottoms

How to play...

This is totally daft and one of our favourite hen party games. Each hen is given three biscuits or crackers. The ‘judge’ (call her ‘Mary’ for short and you can pick your own judge based on the hens’ “soggy bottoms”) will then name an object that the hens must carefully bite and nibble their biscuit into the given shape.

You can split the game into three rounds with a winner for each round and one overall winner.


Drink if...

You’ll need...

  • Drinks
  • Hens
  • A list of situations

How to play...

This hen party game is an oldie but a goodie. You'll need a list of pre-written suggestions or situations. As you read out each one, the hens must then take a drink if it applies to them. If only one person drinks on a certain round you can always ask them to give more details.

Please be careful not to play this game for too long (have a great time but always drink responsibly so you can all last the evening).

“Drink if...

...you've ever taken revenge on an ex.
...you've had sex in a public place.
...you've been caught having sex.
...you've caught someone else having sex.
...you've ever been in trouble with the police.
...you're wearing something red.
...you've ever lied to a boyfriend.
...you own more than 40 pairs of shoes.
...you intend on dancing with a good looking guy tonight.
...you've ever flirted with a work colleague.
...you've ever flirted with your boss.
...you've used your feminine charms to get what you want.
...you've snogged someone at work.
...you've had a toyboy.
...you've snogged someone 15yrs older than you.


Two Truths & a Lie

You'll need...

  • A group of tipsy hens

How to play...

This is a great game as an icebreaker at the start of the evening, especially if not all the hens have met before. Each hen takes it in turn to tell two truths and a lie. The rest of the group must then work out which one is the lie. If they guess right, the liar takes a drink. If they guess wrong then the rest of the group must take a drink.


Wise Words

You'll need...

  • A hat or bag
  • Pre-printed answers

How to play...

Prior to the weekend ask all the hens to send you a few words of advice or kind words for the hen (they can also be funny or cheeky). You then need to print out each set of words, fold them up and put them in a bag or hat. The guest of honour must then pick out a piece of paper at random, read it out to the group and then guess who said it. As well as being good fun it’s a nice way of telling the bride just how much all her friends think of her.

You can guarantee there'll be plenty of laughs as well as a few happy tears.


That's What He Said

You'll need...

  • A quiet word with the groom

How to play...

Before the weekend ask the groom a set of questions that his intended may or may not know the answers to; about his early years, job, favourite things, childhood pets etc.

The bride-to-be should then be put on a chair in front of all the group Mastermind style and be asked questions on her specialist subject “The life and time of [groom’s full name] from [date of birth] to [current date]”.

If she gets 50% of the answers correct she is allowed a five minute call with the love of her life. If she gets less than 50% she must pay a forfeit.

  • What is his favourite movie?
  • What is his favourite book?
  • What was the name of his first pet?
  • What does he say his proudest sporting moment was?
  • What is his favourite part of his future bride’s anatomy?
  • What was the groom’s favourite toy as a child?
  • What was the groom’s nickname at school?
  • What grades did he get in his final exams?
  • What is his full job title?
  • What is his least favourite food?


Playdoh Pictionary

You'll need...

  • A pack of Play-doh or plasticine
  • Pieces of paper with the names of objects

How to play...

Split the party into two teams, facing each other. Give each team a good-sized piece of the Play-doh.

A member of each team must then step forward for each round where both players will be shown one of the pieces of paper. They must then stand back to back facing their teams and have 30 seconds to make the object on the piece of paper for their teams to guess what it is (standing back to back means their teams can only see what they are making).

Whichever team guesses correctly first wins the point.

Ideas for objects include;

  • A horse
  • A wedding bouquet
  • A computer
  • A mobile phone
  • A bum
  • A police helmet
  • A penis
  • A wine glass
  • A rose
  • A pair of handcuffs


That’s Pants!

You'll need...

  • A pair of knickers from each hen

How to play...

What do your knickers say about you? Get all the girls to bring a spare pair and then place them all in a bowl (a bit like car keys at a swingers party). You then need to try and match the pants to the owner.


Guess Who - The Virgin Game

You'll need...

  • Photos of the girls’ first flames
  • Large sheet of paper and Blu Tack

How to play...

Ask all the girls to bring along a picture of the guy they lost their virginity to (it might require a bit of Facebook stalking to track them down). Then place all the pictures on a large sheet of paper you can hang on a wall. The aim of the game is to ‘guess who’ and match all the hens to their premier conquest. Just make sure none of the photos is of the groom. Awkward!


Wedding Dress ER

You'll need...

  • Materials to design your dresses
  • Two willing models

How to play...

So what would the bride do if her dress didn’t arrive in time for the big day? Thankfully she’s got friends like you to help. As a trial run (and in case of emergency), collect some old material, ribbons, loo roll, coloured paper, foam, coloured tape, pipe cleaners... pretty much anything you can lay your hands on. Split the girls into two teams, one team to dress the bride and one team to dress her chief bridesmaid. Then give the teams just 5 minutes to create their wedding masterpieces. The glamorous results of your work should be posted onto social media #weddingdressER.