Can I cancel or change my booking once I have paid?

Yes, it’s easy. You can cancel or change your booking by signing in to your account. If you don't have an account, you can create one here. Please remember to check our cancellation policy before making any changes to your booking.

What is the refund policy for Maenad?

If your chosen man cannot complete the booking, we will automatically allocate another man. If for any reason we cannot fulfil your booking, we will let you know at least 7 days in advance and we will arrange a full refund.

However, if you have booked and changed your mind, the cancellation policy applies:

  • If you cancel with more than 21 days notice, we will refund you in full*.
  • If you cancel with more than 7 days notice, we will refund you 80% of the cost.
  • If you cancel with less than 7 days notice you would forfeit any money paid.
* Note: Full refund for cancellation excludes cost of credit card fees

How do I know if my booking is confirmed?

As soon as you've completed the booking process the confirmation page appears. However, your booking is not confirmed until your man accepts your booking. Once your man accepts your booking, you will be notified and prompted to make payment. If your man doesn't accept your booking within 24 hours, we will open the booking up to all other guys automatically. Once someone confirms your booking, we will let you know. We will email a copy of this confirmation to you. Your confirmation includes all of your booking details, as well as a booking number. You can also access your confirmation online using your login, see details of your reservation, or make changes to your booking anytime by logging into your account. If you don’t have an account, you can create one here.

Can I make a booking without a credit card?

Yes you can, but your booking will not be confirmed until you have paid. You will need a valid credit card to guarantee your booking with Maenad.

What does the price include?

The cost of the booking includes the Man and the service booked only. It does not include:

  • Travel Costs for any travel to your venue
  • Supplies for games
  • Art Materials for life drawing
  • Drinks, Food, Accommodation

Where can I find the contact information for my Man?

If you have a question for your man at any stage during the booking process, you can use the message portal to contact your man once you have logged in. Or you can simply reply to the email and it will be forwarded to your man's message portal. For any other questions please contact our Maenad Experience team, and we'll be happy to sort this out for you.

How can I see how much it will cost?

Please check out our Prices page for all the services and pricing. During the booking process, once you've entered the dates & package for your booking, the rates will be clearly displayed in total before you proceed to payment.

I am entering my credit card details. When will I be charged?

The payment will be charged immediately once you have confirmed your booking.

You're Booking with the Man

Like Airbnb & Uber, you're booking with the contractor to supply the service. We provide the booking platform to allow you, the customer, to connect directly to a Maenad Man. The level of service is up to the Man you choose & the reviews are provided by customers. That's why it's really important to ensure you provide a review, so other customers know what to expect. If you have any issues it's important you let us know so we can take action. With hundreds of men globally, we rely on you to feedback on your service.


We know you can't always rely on people to turn up on time, every time. That's why we provide a guarantee that you'll get a Maenad Man every time. We guarantee you will get the service requested. While we can't guarantee your specific man, as things change. But we can guarantee, that if, for any reason your chosen man can't make it, we'll rebook another man for you. If for any reason you don't get your service you will get a full refund. *note this guarantee is for major cities only and doesn't apply to regional centres or out of town locations as we may not have Men available in that region

Unhappy with the service?

If you're not completely happy with the service, we request you to bring this up with your Maenad Man at the time during your booking (not after the party). This gives him the opportunity to improve and provide a better service. If he still doesn't meet your expectations, please do not continue his services for the entire time, and ask him to finish up immediately. If you do not mention anything during the party and have him stay the full service period, there will be NO REFUND provided.

Will you travel?

Our staff will travel to you - that's no problem! Any travel required is calculated & charged during the booking process. This covers your man's travel time and petrol cost. If you change the location of the venue after your booking has been paid, you may be required to pay a top up.

For all other questions, you can always contact us.