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George George George
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I'm a British lifeguard, sprinter, and animal scientist with a black belt in Jiujitsu. When I'm not working up a sweat at the gym I'm out catching waves at the beach. I am the life of the party and never shy away from a good time.

Weight: 78kg
Height: 6ft
Hair Colour: blond

  • Wellington
  • Life Drawing Model - Semi-Nude
  • Stripper - Full Monty Nude Strip
  • Stripper - Semi-Nude Strip Tease
  • Waiter & Life Drawing Combo
  • Waiter & Strip Combo
  • Waiter - Apron Only
  • Waiter - Topless
LGBT Friendly 🌈
Yes, this man is OK with LGBT parties and receiving attention from men.
Mondays Anytime
Tuesdays Anytime
Wednesdays Anytime
Thursdays Anytime
Fridays Anytime
Saturdays Anytime
Sundays Anytime

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