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For starters I'm not going to hold back! So if you're ready to party and get a little frisky I'm the man you want! I'm a dancer who can body roll on anything and everything all night long! Super fun and spontaneous! Don't be shy and get involved with what I have planned for you! You'll never forget it, I'll make sure before I leave you'll be wanting more! So book us for your event and I'll see you there!

Weight: 80
Height: 170 cm
Hair Colour: Blonde
Skills: Dancing. Waiter. Strip tease. Lap dance.

  • Christchurch
  • Stripper - Semi-Nude Strip Tease
  • Waiter & Strip Combo
  • Waiter - Apron Only
  • Waiter - Topless
Mondays Anytime
Tuesdays Anytime
Wednesdays Anytime
Thursdays Anytime
Fridays Anytime
Saturdays Anytime
Sundays Anytime

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  • "Company is terrible!!!!"

    Hi Maenad - Maybe someone will contact me if I leave a review, I have tried email, messenger and messenger on your website Jordy was very lovely and communicaiton was amazing, he had messaged 4 days before out from the event letting me know he couldn't fulfil our request for an apron only booking which we had booked - thats cool I respected his decision however trying to contact you as a company to find a replacement or to get my deposit back has been ridiculous, hugely disappointed in the service and communication by Maenad, happy to take the money and run but not be contactable - I don't like to take things to social media as I believe in going direct with the issue first to see if it can be resolved but I assume now I need to take this further and ensure no one books through your site as once you have the money you go quiet and ruin events for people - I hope you read your reviews and get in touch with me.

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