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Zak is back in New Zealand for a limited time after 2 years performing in Las Vegas with ‘Girls Night Out the Show’. Book Zak now!! You’ll not only get the most fun, entertaining and seductive experience but also a showcase involving gymnastics, hiphop, salsa and all the best Magic Mike dance moves learned from the best in Las Vegas. In his spare time he enjoys learning new songs to sing and play on his guitar and also volunteers at his community law centre promoting equal opportunity and access to legal advice.

Weight: 90kg
Height: 183cm
Hair Colour: Blonde
Skills: Gymnastics, Salsa, Hiphop.

  • Auckland
  • Life Drawing & Stripper Combo
  • Life Drawing Model - Nude
  • Life Drawing Model - Semi-Nude
  • Stripper - Full Monty Nude Strip
  • Stripper - Semi-Nude Strip Tease
  • Waiter & Life Drawing Combo
  • Waiter & Strip Combo
  • Waiter - Apron Only
  • Waiter - Topless
LGBT Friendly 🌈
Yes, this man is OK with LGBT parties and receiving attention from men.
Mondays Anytime
Tuesdays Anytime
Wednesdays Anytime
Thursdays Anytime
Fridays Anytime
Saturdays Anytime
Sundays Anytime

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